Kit List

For Hut to Hut trails

As taken on the Mallorca and Dolomites trails. Both of these used bunk houses which provided beds and food so there is no need for backpacking gear.

40L rucksack
Waterproof stuff sacks (always worthwhile – there is nothing worse than soggy pjs!)

Walking socks x2 pairs
Pants x3 pairs
Sports bra x1 (also doubles as a swimming top if the opportunity arises)
Walking trousers
Merino top and leggings. These are for sleeping in and as an emergency dry layer if I fall in a river/need to do some washing
T-shirt for day wear (needs to be wicking fabric – I like to stick with natural fibres like merino and bamboo as they smell a lot less)

Outer Layers
Synthetic insulated jacket or extra thick fleece
Waterproof Jacket
Waterproof trousers
Stripey Hat

Walking boots
Sandals (lots of huts won’t allow you to wear boots inside and they’re good for airing your feet – an important part of preventing blisters)

Sleeping bag liner (some huts require you to bring your own – check in advance)
Sleeping bag (carried in Mallorca because we could sometimes get money off by using our own bedding)

Water bottle (minimum 1L)
Water filter (it’s generally pretty easy to get all your water from huts but this is a useful safety device if you have to fill up in the wild in a foreign country)

Maps +/- guidebook
Map case (essential for navigating in a downpour)

Walking poles (I’ve personally not got a pair yet but I’ve been told this is ridiculous and that they are amazing)
Camera + spare battery
First aid kit
Sun cream
Repair kit (duct tape, string/paracord and a needle and thread will fix most stuff)
Travel towel
Head torch
Phone + charger
Money (always worth having cash to hand)

Written September 2019