StripeyHat began in 2019 in anticipation of my first attempt at a UK end to end walk; a feat which I hoped would be worth sharing with the world. Sadly Covid-19 came along to stop that but in the following months of lockdown I had a great time remembering and writing about other journeys, and have continued to add new adventures since.

All the walks you find on this site are routes that I have planned and followed. In some cases they follow established trails and in others they may be unique. While I have documented them as accurately as possible they are not intended to function as a guide or to be a sole source of information about a journey. Treat them as inspiration, with a few insider hints. Likewise, the resources section is an expanding collection of my personal kit lists and preferences alongside some thoughts on the world we travel through. It contains a large dose of my own opinion and a number of links to other sites that I have found helpful or interesting. I do not have any affiliation with these sites or any of the items I recommend and I certainly do not claim to have tested all the competition! They are simply things that I have used and liked enough to want to share them with the world.

Why StripeyHat? This site is named after my absolute favourite piece of outdoor equipment that you won’t find me going anywhere without – my Sherpa hat. It is one of the few pieces of kit that has accompanied me on every route that you’ll read about on this site. Here’s to adventures in stripey hats.